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Beginning Potty Training

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Potty training is no parent's favorite job, but it's got to be done! Here are some quick tips to get your potty training journey started smoothly:

Ditch the diapers

Modern diapers are great at keeping our kids dry, but the downside is that many kids can't feel when they are wet! Toddlers need to feel the sensations of their body to get the hang of potty training. The best way to do that is to get rid of the diapers altogether and let the baby spend time with a bare bum for a while. (Pro tip: Roll up small rugs and avoid the carpets!)

Bring the potty to you

After going through this process a few times I've learned that hanging out all day in the bathroom is no fun. You also want to make this as easy on your kid as possible. Keeping the potty nearby makes it easy to make a dash for it quicky! We love this simple potty from Baby Bjorn. It's not garish and it's just the right size for short legs and tiny bottoms!

Reward success

Stickers, M&Ms or jellybeans can all be great rewards. The best rewards are immediate and consistent. Affirming success helps make it clear to your child that they are on the right track and that their frustrations with trying something new are paying off. Be sure to award imperfect successes in the beginning. Maybe not all the pee made it in the potty, but some did. In the beginning that's a win! Also, if you have multiple children, I highly recommend rewarding all of them for the baby's success. That will keep them rooting for the little one and supportive of their efforts. Big kids be a huge help if they are on board!


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