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Great Books for Very Beginning Readers

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

These are my favorite books for kids when they are just starting out learning to read. I have been surprised at how rare it is to find books that are easy enough for truly beginning readers! More fun than dry worksheets, basic beginner books give kids the feeling that they are actually reading a book and gives them fun little storylines to entertain them along the way. Help develop a love of reading in your children with these adorable starter books:


1. Bob Books

When your child is first putting letter sounds together into words, the Bob books are just right. Probably the simplest books on the market, these books have about ten pages each. Bob books have been popular since they first came out in the 1970's and they are as useful today as they were then. I love the first set in particular and find it to be the most useful.


2. Hooked on Phonics, My Library

Hooked on Phonics is a complete program that has been helping kids learn to read since the 1980's. My favorite part of the program is the selection of books that they have created specifically for beginning readers. These books can only be purchased together with the Hooked on Phonics course. These books start with phonetically regular, simple three-letter words and move up through more advanced stories. Adding only a few new sounds at a time, these books are an amazing resource that have provided my children with a solid reading foundation. There are a couple of books in this series that are a bit too long for their reading level, but I found that breaking them up or providing a bit more help to my kids through those helped make them more manageable. Of all the beginning readers, these books have been the most useful for our family.


3. Usborne My First Reading Library

Usborne's set of beginning readers is really well done. With beautiful illustrations and stories from around the world these books are entertaining and educational. I adore the fact that the first few books in this series are designed to be read with your child. The books do start out very easy but progress in difficulty rapidly. There are three quick puzzles at the end of each book which are a wonderful way to help your child develop their reading comprehension.


4. I Love Reading!

These downloadable books are super simple for beginner readers. Ideal for traveling, I love using books on iPads sometimes so that we can read on the go. These books have just a few words per page, are highly repetitious and have picture cues to help prompt beginner readers. The books are not phonics based, but they are very simple. I liked using them as easy practice after my children got comfortable through phonetic reading. Easy and fun, these books promote reading confidence!


5. Step Into Reading, Step 1 Books

Not all level one readers are the same. The Step Into Reading series has level one readers that are simple enough for truly beginning readers. With about one sentence per page, these books let beginner readers work on their reading without getting overwhelmed. They are available as paper or ebooks.


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